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March 21, 2013


Published as Moo, previous guise of the band better known as Mongrel State


Completed in our own purpose-built studio, it has taken the guts of a year to piece together, finding six of our songs that sit together with one overarching theme. The band contains two main songwriters, both of whom have their own ideas on how to fashion the perfect song. This results in a repertoire that can sometimes range from the sublime to the ridiculous, but with all the passion and musicianship that the band has, we somehow manage to pull it off. Working in our own place has allowed us the freedom and time to work at the recordings until we got them exactly as we wanted them. It also means we drove our engineer nuts!
Thematically, it can be said that all the songs contain characters that have a Tall Tale to tell - to a random person in a bar, to a loved one, but mostly to themselves. The other thing that can be said, about the band in general, is that we take our inspiration from the likes of Johnny Cash to write songs about specific things: stories - not just vague generalities. Some of it may be fiction, but its all real.